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Miracle II Products

Miracle II is one of the most amazing products that has ever been presented  to mankind.  This is a Spiritual product.  Most of it is from the dust of the earth.

Everything that Miracle II will do has been revealed to people, by the Spirit of God, to use it in ways to solve the problems they are faced with.

This has happened over a 39 year period.  Now, thousands of people are using Miracle solve their problems, and the Glory to God.


After Shave Lotion

     Use Neutralizer or Gel, or if your skin is dry, use Skin Moisturizer.

Age Spots

     Drop enough Miracle  Soap or Neutralizer on each dark spot and let dry.  Try to do this  

     once a day.  Many say they had great results in 90 days.


     Shower or bathe with Miracle Soap.  Rub or spray Miracle Neutralizer on skin or spray in 

     nose.  Put 7 drops of Miracle Neutralizer in juice, milk, or water daily.  Hundreds say one of 

     these or all have solved their problems.


     Bath or shower with Soap.  Put 7 drops of Neutralizer in liquid.

Athlete's Foot

     Bath or shower with Miracle Soap and spray or rub Miracle Neutralizer or Gel on your feet 

     and let dry.  As long as you use Miracle II, you will never have a problem again.  Give the 

     Glory to God...This will solve all odor problems.


     Bathe or shower with Miracle Soap and  spray or rub Miracle Neutralizer or Gel on area.  Put    

     7 drops of Miracle Neutralizer in water or juice each day.  Exercise and praise the Lord. 

Bath and Shower Soap

     Use Miracle Soap.  Put on bath cloth or in hand.  Let foam stay on skin a little longer the first 

     two or three bathing's.  After a month, you will rejoice because your skin will feel and look

     Miracle II beautiful.

Bed Sores

     Bathe with Miracle Soap.  After bathing and drying, spray the Miracle Neutralizer or Gel on

     the troubled areas and let dry.  You will see a beautiful "healing" happen.

Bee Mites

     Spray bees and the inside and outside of the hive with Neutralizer.  This report is from 

     Saudi Arabia.

Body Odor

     Bathe  with Miracle Soap and use the Neutralizer.


     Use Miracle Neutralizer in vaporizer.

Burns, Cuts, Scratches

     Spray or submerge areas in the Miracle Neutralizer or Gel until the hurt stops.  For large

     burns, wrap area in towel or white cloth and keep this soaked with the Miracle Neutralizer

     for several hours.  Beautiful healing has happened with no blisters or scars.


     Spray or rub Neutralizer or Gel on bruise.  


     Bathe or shower with soap - 7 drops of Neutralizer in liquid.  Ask God to keep your nervous 

     system in perfect balance (Use Instructions).

Candida Albicans

     Use the Miracle Neutralizer 50% to 50% water.  All have reported great results.  1)  Use as a 

     douche.  2)  Spray on infected area  3)  Some take 7 drops of Neutralizer in water, juice, or

     milk each day until results are achieved.  


     Put 1/2 Ounce or Neutralizer in eye cup.  Use until you get results.

Chicken Pox

     After  the breaking out peak period, bathe the child in Miracle Soap and then spray on 

     Miracle Neutralizer, Gel or the Skin Moisturizer.


     Bathe with soap then spray with Neutralizer or Gel.  Put 7 drops of Neutralizer in Liquid each

     day until you get results.


     Put 3 drops of Miracle Neutralizer in baby formula or water.  

Contact Lens

     Spray or soak with Neutralizer.